July 2016 – Carnegie Research Incentive Grant awarded to the Denholm lab

June 2016 – The art of drinking with your bum – our beetle research in Edinburgh University science magazine (page 7)

October 2015 – Wellcome Trust Seed Award awarded to Denholm lab

October 2015 – BBSRC grant success for Denholm lab

November 2013 – The fruit fly expert (apparently) ‘Unusual Academe’ from the BBC news website

March 2012 – A trip to The Royal Society to see ‘Dissertatio Epistolica de Bombyce’ (1669) by the chap who started it all (here)

March 2011 – BBC audio slideshow showcasing the endavours of the Cambridge Zoology basement fly groups (circa 2011) using Drosophila to help understand human disease